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‘Where There’s A Risk, There Must Be Choice’, NY Parents Are Ready To Fight For Their Children

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Albany, NY- January 5, 2022

It was a Patriotic day at our State Capitol, thousands of New Yorkers braved the whipping wind and the cold welcome from interim Governor Kathy Hochul’s office, with street closures, gated off public areas, locked Concourse doors and cancelled meetings. This did not alter the path of our message to Albany, “Where there’s a risk, there must be a choice”. Dozens of Parental Rights and Medical Freedom organizations, such as NY Informed™ and local chapters of Mom’s for Liberty (M4L) were proudly on display.

The chair for the Wayne County chapter of M4L, Jennifer Williams along with a local member were one of the few to meet with a State Senator prior to the rally. Senator Pamela Helming, 54th District, met with the local chapter to discuss the current NYS Bills regarding mandatory vaccinations for school aged children. Off record, Ms. Helming offered support in opposition to these Bills (A08378) and general concern over a lack of bipartisan involvement in Albany. Senator Pam Helming meeting with Wayne Co. Chair Jen Williams and member Summer Johnson

Wayne, Duchess, Suffolk, Putnam and Nassau County representatives of M4L were in attendance holding signs that read, “We do not co-parent with the government” and “My kid, my choice”. The message is simple, parents and freedom lovers will not comply with forced experimental medical treatments. Period. Adults will protect the children of New York; as children they are not required to face this burden to protect themselves. Hundreds of children were also in attendance, waving American flags, holding signs, and singing along to the newest hit, “Cuomo 2.0”.  Moms for Liberty-Wayne County are some of the more active organizations, in disarming corrupt or status quo school board members who fail to work for or with the people of that district. The NYS Freedom Rally held today heard from several area-wide teachers regarding their opinion on mandatory vaccinations and reminded us that without compliance, tyrannical policies hold authority.

We can prepare for more of the same in 2022, without active and intentional involvement in our government from Town to State levels. Today’s rally was a taste of the current climate of the people and a bittersweet display of American patriotism. One speaker, a teacher promoted, “It’s tribe season, find your people, find your tribe and gather”.  This was a beautiful rally full of hope and unity. We sang, we chanted, we danced, and we delivered a strong message to Albany, “WE WILL NOT COMPLY”.

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