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Asking Pence To Stop Certification Is Not A Crime, Maxine Waters Did It To Trump In 2017

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In today’s episode of Jan. 6 Fake Hearing, the partisan committee decided to focus its attention on former Vice President Mike Pence and the pressure Trump put on him to stop the certification of the 2020 election results.

What they failed to mention, however, in their political witch hunt to bury Trump, was that Maxine Waters did the exact same thing back in 2017.

Video footage began to circulate on social media Thursday apparently showing Maxine Waters begging US Senators to join her effort in stopping the certification of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

“2017: Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters begs a Senator to help stop the certification of President Trump’s election victory,” Trump War Room posted on Twitter. The post went on to mention that Waters also objected to the 2001 certification of Republican George W. Bush.

“I do not wish to debate. I wish to ask is there one United States Senator who will join me in this letter of protestation??? Just one???” screamed Waters.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden who was in charge of the certification process at the time can be heard banging his gavel and yelling “there’s no debate, there’s no debate”.

If there is anything criminal about asking Senators to join you in an attempt to stop the certification of an incoming President, then why hasn’t Maxine Waters been charged with insurrection? Where’s the “Maxine Waters Insurrection Hearing”?

Trump simply unofficially asked Mike Pence to challenge the 2020 election results by “sending it back to the states”. It was an off-the-record request made via a tweet.

There is absolutely nothing criminal or malicious about such a request being made, and simply asking Pence to think twice does not even come close to inciting an insurrection, yet the J6 Hearing Committee spent an entire day brainwashing the American people that what Trump did was somehow a “threat to our Democracy”.

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