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MJT Breaks Silence On Why She’s Supporting Kevin McCarthy For Speaker Of The House

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Statement from Marjorie Taylor Greene on Twitter regarding why she’s supporting Kevin McCarthy for Speaker Of The House:

MTG: “Being a conservative and anti-establishment, I used to criticize Kevin McCarthy a lot.

In fact, I’ve criticized many people and still do because I’m so incredibly frustrated with what a failure our government is to our people.

I firmly believe it’s our job to fix it, but we, Republicans will never fix anything when we say Never someone just because we don’t like them.

To the Democrat’s credit, they don’t do that. And I’ve watched them pass incredibly horrible things the past two years, and the country is suffering and will suffer worse because of their amazing ability to work together in-spite of their differences.

Not us, we’re the Party of Never and it’s ruining everything.

It’s also lying to the base about a “plan” that doesn’t exist, no candidate, & no way of working that I refuse to be part of and silent about.

I’m disappointed my friends would mislead the base and that’s a big reason why I’m speaking out.

The Speaker is elected inside our conference that unfortunately for us conservatives is filled with too many moderates and it’s IMPOSSIBLE for a conservative to get 218 votes.

My friends know this and risking the gavel & delaying everything just bc they don’t like someone is not only selfish, it’s incredibly reckless and dangerous.

Just like the Never Trumpers were Never Trump just bc they didn’t like him, & that bad attitude cost our country so much.

Never Trumper’s bad attitudes produced Republican refusal to work together and accomplish the MAGA agenda that Americans rallied around and voted for in record numbers.

And it cut a deep divide in our party that is ever-expanding, sadly.

Now we have a new Never movement growing, the Never Kevin movement.

Just like Never Trump, the Never Kevin’s are Never Kevin because they just don’t like him.

It’s not about his policy goals, his public promises as Speaker, or any credible reason at all.

It’s just Never.

For me, I don’t support someone based on their personality, whether they’re popular or not, or other shallow meaningless reasons.

We aren’t electing a prom king, pope, or fraternity president.

But the Never crowd treats it this way & they’re killing our ability to be effective.

I put my own feelings aside and I support someone based on their ability to get the job done that I believe is important for the country and the American people.

President Trump’s MAGA agenda was something every single Republican should have worked together as hard as possible to accomplish, but the Never Trumpers turned their backs and refused to work to pass the policies the people supported.

Now it’s happening again.

Earlier this year, I decided to start talking with Kevin McCarthy weekly to get to know him outside of what everyone said.

Over time, I learned many of his goals are actually aligned with mine and the conservative base.

I also learned Kevin McCarthy, like many R’s, shifted to the right bc of many of the events over the past two years and because of the dangerous extreme nature of the Democrats.

The most underestimated things about Kevin McCarthy is how he thinks & feels after being wrongfully politically targeted by the J6 committee just like Trump and all of us, after being wrongfully politically rejected by Corporate donors for objecting on J6, and his stance towards the Chamber of Commerce for their wokeness and treatment towards Conservative values.

Conservatives would be surprised if they knew these things.

Unfortunately, my friends in the Never Kevin Caucus don’t know either bc they chose Never and never tried talking with him.

The most important thing to pay attention to are McCarthy’s public promises & goals.

It’s the public statements that stick because he has to be held accountable to that list.

Kevin won’t say anything publicly if he can’t or won’t try.

That’s career suicide & he’s not stupid.

Here are some of Kevin McCarthy’s publicly stated promises and goals that he wants to accomplish as Speaker of the House.

There is no one else running for Speaker. And no one in our conference could get 218 that would do these things.

The border and impeaching Mayorkas.


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