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Biden Polling Numbers Plummet And 2022 Midterm Red Wave Gathers Strength

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President Joe Biden’s job approval rating is in free fall – and it’s not just Republicans saying so.

A recent USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll found 59% of voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance, while Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating sits at an embarrassing 28%. A shocking 46% of those surveyed believe Biden is doing a worse job as president than expected, including 16% who supported him at the ballot box last year. 

The latest Harvard- Harris Poll found that voters overwhelmingly reject Biden’s agenda, too, with nearly 60% of voters opposing Biden’s socialist spending package. And according to CNN’s latest poll, a majority of Americans say Biden isn’t paying attention to the nation’s most important issues.

But are we surprised? The Biden-Harris administration has failed at every opportunity presented, and the continued deteriorating economic outlook backs these failures up.

All you have to do is take a look at the economy to know something’s not right. November’s jobs report was the worst of the year and the lowest number of Biden’s administration. The economy added back just 210,000 jobs – less than half what economists had predicted. Nearly four million Americans who lost their jobs during the pandemic are still jobless despite Biden’s claims that American’s are back to work.

Meanwhile, the latest data from the Labor Department shows consumer prices skyrocketed 6.2% in October – the largest spike in more than 30 years. Americans are growing increasingly frustrated with rising prices that are making everything more expensive. Gasoline is up almost 50% since last year and used vehicles have risen by 26%.

With Biden drowning in plummeting poll numbers, a red wave is absolutely coming. As we look ahead to the 2022 midterm elections, Democrats have every reason to be very worried.   

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