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CPAC Results Are In: Trump captured 59% Of Ballots Cast, Ron DeSantis Received 28%.

If Donald Trump does in fact plan to run again for President, he certainly has the support of the Republican Party, and this year’s straw poll at CPAC 2022 confirmed exactly that.

Trump won 59 percent support from attendees when asked their preference of potential 2024 presidential candidates, according to results released Sunday.

Popular Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had 28 percent support. All other candidates drew minimal support.

The poll was seen as the first primary match-up between Trump and DeSantis and was being closely watched in case there is any sign of an opening for someone not named Trump. 2,574 attendees answered the poll questions.

But seeing that Donald Trump has yet to still announce his bid for the top spot, many want to know who the favorite is if Trump were to in fact sit 2024 out. Attendees were actually given a list of potential candidates that did not include Trump to gauge that very answer, and DeSantis was the overwhelming favorite, with 61 percent support. Pompeo and Donald Trump Jr. tied for second with 6 percent support.

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