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White House Defends The Squad After Joe Manchin Blasted Them For “Holding This Bill Hostage”

It’s no secret that growing frustrations in the Democrat camp continue to mount as Joe Manchin holds up their precious, now, $1.75 trillion dollar spending package. Manchin is the single deciding factor between the bill getting approved at this point, and he’s making it very clear that he will not vote to pass this bill unless he knows exactly what’s in it.

“While I’ve worked hard to find a path to compromise, it’s obvious: compromise is not good enough for a lot of my colleagues in Congress. It’s all or nothing,” Manchin said. “Holding this bill hostage is not going to work in getting my support for the reconciliation bill.”

“Senator Manchin says he is prepared to support a Build Back Better plan that combats inflation, is fiscally responsible and will create jobs. The plan the House is finalizing meets those tests—it is fully paid for, will reduce the deficit, and brings down costs for health care, child care, elder care, and housing,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki released in a statement. “Experts agree: Seventeen Nobel Prize-winning economists have said it will reduce inflation. As a result, we remain confident that the plan will gain Senator Manchin’s support.”

This White House however continues to take the side of the Squad and doesn’t see any problem with the socialists threatening to derail infrastructure if the Senate doesn’t pass their reconciliation bill. Over the summer, the Senate passed the $1 trillion infrastructure bill 69-30 with bipartisan votes.

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