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TULSI GABBARD: ‘Biden/NATO Have Put Us On Path To Nuclear Armageddon’

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Tulsi Gabbard went on Tucker Carlson Tuesday night to sound the alarm and warn Americans that Joe Biden is not telling us the full story when it comes to his threats made to Russia regarding the Ukraine war and the dangers he could be putting us in.

“What [U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin] is not telling the American people is that Russia has also made it clear that if we even get close to ‘winning’ or achieving this mission and goal he has outlined, Russia has said very clearly they will have no other option than to resort to the use of nuclear weapons... Starting first with tactical nuclear weapons and, if necessary, escalating to the use of strategic nuclear weapons.”

A clip of her interview with Tucker Carlson has gone viral on Twitter.

“This is not fear-mongering to point this out, the American people need to know this is the track that this administration has put us on and [that] very dire consequences will occur if we continue down this path. This is the reality we are facing.”

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