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COVER UP: Pennsylvania School Plots To Hide Student’s Gender Transition From Parents

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A Pennsylvania school district has been hiding the use of a middle schooler’s preferred pronouns from a student’s parents while pushing the student to create an LGBTQ+ club.

An email chain between several staff members at the Charles F Patton Middle School in Pennsylvania revealed the conversation going on behind both the student and that parent’s back. The teachers were writing each other on what pronouns may be best to use when addressing the student.

“’She’ is fine too, but [the student] likes ‘they/them’ the best,” the email stated.

According to a copy obtained by Fox News Digital, the counselor told the teachers that “if you are emailing home, it may be best to use she/her when referring to [the student.]”

Attached to the email was a document called “A Guide To Supporting Trans And Gender Diverse Students” from the American Psychological Association.

A second email revealed a conversation between the school counselor and two teachers who were discussing a club at a nearby high school called “Gender Sexuality Alliance” (GSA) which according to The Unionville High School website is a safe space for students to meet and support each other to talk about their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The released emails show a middle school counselor and teacher discussing how to start a similar club at the middle school, or give middle school students the opportunity to attend the high school club GSA.

After discovering through an online assignment that a student described themselves as “pansexual,” the school counselor encouraged the teacher to “Ask [the student] if they would be interested in starting some type of club or group similar to the Gender Sexuality Alliance to focus on LGBTQ+ topics/issues.”

“Middle schoolers are NOT too young to know their sexual orientations and gender identities,” another teacher wrote. “LGBTQ-related content is age-appropriate for them.”

No Left Turn in Education, an activist group whose mission statement reads: To revive in American education the fundamental discipline of objective thinking by educating, empowering, and engaging students, parents, and community, emphasizing the role of the parent as the primary custodian and authority of their child, criticized the school’s actions.

“It is unconscionable for any teacher to go behind a parent’s back to meddle in a child’s mental, physical and emotional health,” NLTE President Dr. Elana Fishbein told Fox News Digital. “While us concerned parents get called domestic terrorists, it’s the radical ideologues who actually threaten, harass, and intimidate parents who object to their woke agenda. No Left Turn in Education is standing up for these families and is holding officials accountable for enforcing the laws that are supposed to protect our kids.”

Fox News reported that the Unionville-Chads Ford School District declined to comment.

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