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NYC Is More Interested In “Cop Reviews” Than Arresting Suspects For Death Threats And Murder

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In a tweet posted by Fox News Host Tammy Bruce Monday morning on her personal Twitter account, Bruce told her followers about an incident involving a “random guy” who threatened to kill her while walking “little Ruby”.

When she reported the incident and the NYPD arrived at her apartment to take the report, they admitted that “nothing’s going to happen because it’s not an arrestable offense, but it’s good to have a paper trail.”

The police then told Bruce as they were finishing up with the report that there’s a new “initiative” in NYC. The Fox News host asked them if the new initiative had to do with arresting bad guys and putting them in jail, or hiring more cops and funding the police, but to her surprise, it had nothing to do with any of that.

They informed Tammy that she would receive a phone call asking for a “review of their performance during our exchange”.

“They inform me I may receive a phone call asking for a review of their performance during our exchange 🤦🏻‍♀️ Being a cop is one of the most thankless & dangerous things right now. Their hands are tied because of idiotic “progressive” pro-crime city policiesthe city is putting time and money into an “initiative” generating reviews of the police when the city is a raging crime dumpster fire,” Bruce tweeted.

According to the Twitter conversation posted to Tammy’s profile, the officers told her about a guy who was shot dead on the subway by some random maniac (still at-large), but “Cop Reviews” is what NYC is focusing on.

The incompetence & idiocy that created this is what the left wants for the entire nation. And there’s only one way to stop them: by ripping this madness to shreds in November & firing as many of these lunatics as possible“, Bruce ended the conversation.

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