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Portland School Withdraws Support For Nearby ‘Queer’ Homeless Village After City Refuses To Weed Out Violent Convicts And Sex Offenders

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I know, I know, Portland again. Does anything really surprise us anymore? ANTIFA, Homeless camps on school property, Crackpipes for the homeless. It all may be a liberal dream come true for some, but for the rest of America, the entire state really does sound like hell on earth.

But there may be hope after all for humanity as two schools in Portland, Oregon have become furious with what’s going in their own backyard, and have withdrawn support for a nearby homeless village after they learned the city didn’t meet any of their proposed minimum safety requirements, including criminal background checks. Again, are we surprised? We’re talking about Portland here.

According to an article by thepostmillennial.com, the Safe Rest Village, located on SW Naito Parkway — just 75 feet from two schools — will serve homeless LGBTQ+ Portlanders.

Two nearby schools, the International School of Portland, a private multilingual pre-k through elementary school, and Bridges Middle School, which serves students with special learning needs have been supportive of the Safe Rest Villages until they found out that a few of their reasonable requests were denied by the city.

The requests included: a strict enforcement of laws for SRVs located within 500 ft of school grounds; a requirement for background checks “or those with felony convictions of violent crimes against a person, sex crimes, and property crimes within past seven years;” a 1000 ft buffer zone where camping is not allowed; trash cannot accumulate; no drug dealing or other criminal activities; and the establishment of SRV advisory boards.

“Yesterday, we were finally able to jointly meet with the City and County officials. Unfortunately, we can now confirm that none of our requests have been met, the most concerning of which is our request for the requirement of felony background checks for participants,” the letter read, noting that the city had initially said there would be background checks.

“Given this denial of our requests, we can no longer support the Safe Rest Villages because of safety and security concerns. This is with a very heavy heart, as we truly hoped to be able to welcome the villagers with open arms,” they wrote.

The program, however, is expected to move forward full steam ahead as the City recently announced that the participants are scheduled to move in next week. The two schools are now turning to the community to ask for help in shutting the Safe Rest Village project down.

“After months of providing very few answers to our requested information, the City recently announced that the participants are scheduled to move in next week. We are now turning to our community of parents, teachers, community leaders, and neighborhood associations to join together in a show of disapproval,” the letter said.

“Due to the lack of collaboration and support from government officials that we have experienced over the last few months, we can no longer endorse their plans for the Naito Parkway village that will be situated within 75 ft of our two schools. We hope that you will join us in voicing your concerns to City and County leadership,” it later added.

It noted the two schools host around 600 students from the ages of 3-13, and that those at Bridges Middle School “have multiple learning differences/disabilities and have experienced traumatic rejection, isolation and bullying in their previous school settings.”

The two schools will now be surrounded by homeless drug addicts, sex offenders, convicted criminals, and drug dealers that will not threaten the lives of 600 students on a daily basis.

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