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Virginia’s About To Give NY A Lesson In Civil Disobedience, And Why Hochul Should Be Very Concerned

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Glenn Youngkin, the newly sworn-in Governor of Virginia, ran on the campaign promise of handing back control in the classroom to the parents. This included eliminating Critical Race Theory and ditching the mask mandates once and for all. On his first day in office, Youngkin signed multiple executive orders, one being that parents could now decide whether or not their children will wear a mask in school.

But why should we Parents here in NY care about what goes on in Virginia? Wait for it…

A few northern Virginia schools are pushing back against Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order, which goes into effect on Monday, Jan. 24, prompting mixed reactions from families and teachers.

When I first heard about this, I was furious by the fact that even though an EO was signed, the school districts were still taking it upon themselves to implement the mandate. But after further research into the arguments on both sides, I thought to myself, this actually might be the best thing that could happen because it’s going to force the hands of the school districts and potentially end the mask debate once and for all.

So far, Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax County Public Schools have said they will maintain their mask mandates. The argument, however, will most likely pose a lose-lose outcome to both state Governors and School Boards alike across America, here’s why:

If the school districts in Virginia win the argument that Youngkin does not have the authority to defy the school districts’ mask mandates, it could open the door for parents to ignore other Governors across America and take their fight directly to the school boards (seeing that VA just proved we don’t have to care about a Governor’s EO in this hypothetical situation). If Younkin, however, wins the argument, and school districts defy the EO, forcing children to still wear masks, the fight, again, is with the school boards. Either way, it’s looking like the fight is going to be with the school boards no matter what the outcome of the argument is and that the Governor’s mandate or EO is irrelevant. You can’t defy a Governor’s EO in Virginia, but then tell me I must follow the one in NY State. It doesn’t work like that and both Governors know it.

So what does this mean for power-grabbing Governors in deep blue states like NY where Kathy Hochul shows no signs of loosening her stronghold on the Public School System?

It put her in a lame-duck situation where the parents don’t really have to care about what she has to say about the mandate, seeing that the School Districts are going to do whatever they want anyway. It weakens her credibility and gives anti-maskers the opportunity to ignore her and take their fight directly to the school boards which we all know is going to be a much easier challenge to win. When the school boards turn to mommy dearest for legal support, she won’t be able to offer any seeing that we already debunked the fact that she has any real power to authorize the mandate in the first place.

This could be the crack in tyranny that we’ve all been desperately waiting for because we all know, when Patriots smell blood in the water, especially in NY, there’s no stopping them from going all in and making right what so many Democratic politicians have done wrong.

All eyes are on Virginia. These next few weeks could literally decide the fate of our children and kill the mask mandate once and for all.

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