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Heat Wave Expanding Over Much Of The Country

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The heat that has been broiling Texas and Oklahoma the last few weeks reached its peak yesterday with many locations reaching if not exceeding 110F. These numbers are not seen most years, and in fact, have only been seen a handful of times since 1980. 1988, 1996, 2010, 2012 stand out as examples of when climate “went wild” like this. Add 2022 to this list and the mix for sure. The fact Dallas hit 109 yesterday and may not break 100 tomorrow is “big news” in that part of the nation. Why is the heat wave taking a pause in the southern Plains???

Because it’s reaching out across the rest of the nation. Nearly all corners of the nation will feel the heat today. Northwest? Northeast? Great Lakes? Yep. It’s gonna get hot. Anywhere east of the Rockies is almost a lock to reach 90 today. Even on the Canadian Border. This heat is locked in for the next several days, with only some relief across the northern tier of states expected over the weekend and into next week.

Here in the Southeast where I am based, it’s literally just the beginning. We take our shots at 100 this weekend then back off some next week but not much. Remember cold fronts don’t get that far south easily in mid summer.

So it’s mid summer. It’s hot. It’s above normal. It’s the dog days of summer. Across the northern tier of states that shiver under months of cold, clouds and snow, these are the days you’ve longed for and waited for. SO GET OUT AND ENJOY IT! Safely of course.

One thing I’m sure you have seen in recent days have been a major surge in climate stories. ABC just had a huge one this morning about how the heat is our fault. We are not the only ones struggling with heat. In England and France, ALL TIME RECORD HEAT just hit there over the last few days. London, a city that rarely sees 80s even in summer, much less the 90s, HIT 104 ON MONDAY. That’s not a misprint. It sounds like what happened in the Pacific NW last summer with records being not just broken but obliterated, just happened in NW Europe. And despite the fact it’s been between medium well and well done across the south central US, it still has not reached the benchmark of all heatwaves: 1980. Back when “Global Cooling” and the new ice age were all the talk. I have a lot to opine on and will do so soon. Be on the lookout! Meteorologist Rich Lupia

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