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Much Needed Rain For The Northeast Today

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There are not many days in mid summer when you can call a day a “washout”, but today would be one of those days. Most locations from New England, through Upstate NY into Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and later this afternoon and evening into the bigger cities along the coast, will deal with hours upon hours of rain. Some of the rain could be heavy at times. It will be a good soaking rain. Areas trending towards drought, particularly New England, western NY, western PA into the eastern Ohio Valley will not have the developing drought wiped out in a day. But this rain will help. Severe weather threats due to the widespread nature of the rain, and the limited amount of sunshine in which to pop off convective thunderstorms, will be limited.

The Southeast into the south central US will continue to be HAZY HOT AND HUMID. West of the Mississippi is the best chance of seeing 100+ temperatures, this time getting all the way up into South Dakota. The heat dome will continue to sit and spin over the Great Plains for the next several days, settling south over the next few days into Oklahoma and Texas. Some points in Texas will threaten if not beat out 110 F. Thankfully the humidity is not as high as it could be.

On the back side of the heat dome, the monsoon moisture has set up shop across the Four Corners region, hitting most of the Rockies, intermountain West and the desert Southwest with afternoon and evening monsoon thunderstorms. If you a traveling to this part of the nation in the coming days or if you just moved here, please beware. FLASH FLOODING. Even in the desert it’s a real threat. You think with the desert and dry landscape it can’t happen, but this is the land where water runs like mad after it comes down like mad. Flash Floods happen easily, anywhere, and are absolutely nothing to mess with. Turn around, don’t drown.

The heat will build back east of the Mississippi later this week with 90s reaching into the Northeast, the Mid Atlantic and taking over the Southeast as well. Here there will be humidity involved and the threat for scattered thunderstorms each day. When thunder roars, head indoors! Even just a small afternoon thunderstorm, the “zip code” storms we see often across the Southeast in the summertime, all it takes is one cloud to ground lightning bolt to hurt or to kill. Lightning can be a threat so please take it seriously.

Other than that, it’s just mid summer for most of the nation. Get out and enjoy it! You’ll wish you did in October… or January!


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