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Threat For Severe Storms Yet Again Across The Great Plains Today. Big Heatwave Brewing For Next Week!

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The weather has been a broken record lately but the weather will be changing its tune heading into next week from the same old song to HEATWAVE. First, let’s get today out of the way:

SLIGHT RISK of severe thunderstorms across the Great Plains yet again today. As has been the case the last several days, the tornado threat is low. The threat of high winds and hail with the high instability across the Plains is the main threat with any thunderstorms that do pop up. These storms will move tonight into tomorrow from the Great Plains into the Mississippi Valley, then work their way through the Southeast tomorrow. This activity should reach the Virginias and the Mid Atlantic sometime on Friday, weakening as it moves to the east.

The break in the heat and particularly the humidity will be noticeable heading into this weekend. The Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Southeast, and most of the east coast will enjoy a nice pleasant weekend with low humidity, especially Saturday, and temps for this weekend at just a little below normal for June. Below normal temps? After this weekend unless you are in the Pacific Northwest I have one word for you: FUGEDABOUDIT!

This heatwave will build quickly next week across most of the eastern half of the nation, with the Southeast being the winner on this one. The local Meteorologists in the Carolinas are going CRAZY over this heat coming next week. How hot? 90s for sure with some areas under the ridge taking shots at 100 during the afternoon. Monday-Thursday next week will be the Southeast heat with Wednesday being the peak day per current projections. Wednesday is the best chance of breaking 100 in the Virginias, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and/or Tennessee.

This heatwave will not die towards the end of next week: It shifts to the west. The next target the following Friday through next Sunday (Father’s Day) will be in the Great Plains. Sick of the severe weather there? Well, just wait. Once this ridge gets on top of you next week, lots of hazy sun with temperatures widespread in the 90s and 100s.

I’ll keep an eye out for any other interesting weather that may come up. In the meantime, make sure your AC is ready to go.

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